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Promoting Ethical Governance

As a publicly listed company, our corporate governance practices comply with the guidelines for effective corporate governance established by the Toronto Stock Exchange. We are committed to high standards of corporate governance and will continue to review and update our practices to ensure we meet the evolving standards and stay within established guidelines.

Committees of the Board

Committees are made up of directors of the Board and serve to study, oversee, and make recommendations on specific areas governed by the Board.

Board of Directors

Trican’s Board of Directors is responsible for the overall stewardship and governance of the Company. In considering the best interests of the Company and our shareholders, the Board of Directors acts in accordance with the Articles and Bylaws of Trican, the Mandate adopted for the Board of Directors and the Company’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee oversees the Corporation’s processes and procedures relating to auditing, accounting practices, financial reporting and other financial disclosure.

Safety, Human Resources & Compensation Committee

The Safety, Human Resources and Compensation Committee develops and oversees the Corporation’s policies and systems regarding human resources, compensation and performance management systems, as well as the Corporation's Health and Safety policies, standards and practices.

Corporate Governance Committee

The Corporate Governance Committee provides leadership in the development of the Corporation’s approach to corporate governance systems, policies and procedures, including ESG and related matters.