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Throughout the life of a well, the set annular cement will undergo a multitude of stress cycles such as pressure...

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Thermal Acid Solutions

Trican has developed acid solutions specifically designed to remove scale deposits in high temperature well...

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Thixotropic Slurries

We have developed a full line of thixotropic cement blends used to control gas migration and lost circulation, and...

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Tri-Seal is pumped ahead of cement as a pre-flush to prevent lost circulation and cement fallback. Tri-Seal leaks off...

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Tri-Seal for Lost Circulation

Tri-Seal is pumped ahead of cement as a pre-flush to remedy lost circulation. Tri-Seal is available in three versions:...

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TriFrac-C™ Fluid System

TriFrac-C™ is a crosslinked polymer fluid system, with the capacity to achieve high performance results, similar to...

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TriFrac-MLT™ Fluid System

TriFrac-MLT is an innovative, high performance hydraulic fracturing fluid system that enables operators to use 100%...

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Trilene is a highly specialized blend of aromatics and aliphatic solvents specially designed to remove wax and...

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TriVert OSR™

TriVert OSR™ (Oil Soluble Resin) is a system of high molecular weight aliphatic hydrocarbon resins that is used as a...

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TriVert™ Diverting Agent

TriVert™ products are temporary bridging agents designed to redirect fluids into different sections along the wellbore...

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TW 615

TW 615 is a concentrated blend of surfactants, dispersants, wetting agents, solvents, and emulsion breakers designed...

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Ultra-Low Density Slurries

Our ultra-low density cement slurries are designed to minimize breakdown in weak formations by reducing hydrostatic...

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