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Our Quantum™ system is used in hydraulic fracturing applications where it is necessary to delay the crosslinking...

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Quick-Set Slurries

Our quick-setting cement blends have a slurry transition time of about two minutes (liquid to solid) and are ideal for...

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Remedial Medium to Low Density Slurries

Our remedial low density slurries are designed with low viscosities and densities providing the compressive strength...

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Salt Tolerant Friction Reducers

In order to minimize the use of fresh water as the base fluid for fracturing, the use of produced/flowback waters or...

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It’s important for proppant to stay in place, not flow back to the wellbore. Proppant flowback can lead to reduced...

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SI-10 Scale Inhibitor

Many formations contain the mineral anhydrite , the anhydrous form of calcium sulfate (CaSO4), which has limited...

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Sodium Hypochlorite

An oxidizer commonly used in the oil/gas well service industry.

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Soluble Ball Sealers

Soluble Ball Sealers are spheres larger in diameter than the perforation being treated, but smaller than the bleed-down...

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Sludge removal acid (SR-Acid™) is a low-cost, Class One stimulation package composed of a strong mineral acid base...

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Stratum RW™

Stratum RW™ is a unique guar-based fluid system that enables operators to use 100% produced or flowback water. The...

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Surface Casing Low Density Slurries

Our surface casing low density slurries are light weight, high yielding systems that provide equivalent and enhanced...

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Surface Casing Permafrost Slurries

Special cement designs are required when cementing wells that are drilled through permafrost formations. All cement...

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