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Lost Circulation Plug/Pill (LCP)

LCP is a unique blend of polymers and multi-sized cellulose fibers that create an effective lost circulation fluid...

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Low Density Slurries

We have developed a full line of cost-effective, high yielding low density slurries that meet or exceed all regulatory...

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Mills & Bits

Our Research and Development team has developed fit-for-purpose mills for milling out composite bridge plugs, as well...

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We offer a wide array of motors to help our customers optimize reservoir production. Our portfolio includes: 42.9 mm (1...

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A unique solvent specifically formulated to provide mutual solvency, wettability modification, and to break and prevent...

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Mud Dissolving Acid

A blend of surfactants, inhibitors and iron control agents in a blend of hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid.

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Multi-Lateral Wells - Navigator™

The Navigator™ is a multi-lateral re-entry tool that enables selective access in a multi-leg horizontal wellbore using...

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MVP Frac™

Efforts to improve proppant transportation have traditionally focused on viscosifying the fluid system, but in today’s...

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NF-1 (Nitrified Foam) is a high viscosity fracturing fluid that minimizes the amount of water going into the formation...

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Nitrogen is an inert gas that can be used to reduce the hydrostatic pressure exerted by stimulation fluids. This...

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Non-Aqueous Fluids

Our rapidly-hydrating, non-aqueous pre-flush spacer additives are designed for environmentally safe and efficient...

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Optimum Flush

This rapidly-hydrating, slurried polymer pre-flush is designed for environmentally safe and efficient removal of...

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