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In response to the goal of protecting our ground water, we have developed the EcoClean® line of products intended to...

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EcoClean-XB™ is the newest fluid in the expanding line of EcoClean products, designed to reduce the impact of...

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Emulsified CO2

Trican’s Emulsified CO 2 (ECO 2 ) and Enhanced Emulsified CO 2 (EECO 2 ) are fracturing fluid systems comprised of...

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Extended Reach BHA

The extended reach BHA tool uses a cycling valve that momentarily interrupts flow to create water-hammer pressure...

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Flowback Enhancers

Our flowback enhancers include surfactants and complex nanofluids added into fracturing fluids to improve cleanup and...

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Fluid Compatibility

Achieving effective fluid properties to get your desired fracture geometry is a key component to successful resource...

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FracClean Ultra™

Trican’s FracClean Ultra™ is a surfactant-based fracturing fluid that, when combined with water, forms a highly...

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Trican’s FracClean™ is an effective, surfactant-based fracturing fluid system that leaves little to no residue behind...

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Gas Migration Prevention Additives

We have developed a range of additives specifically designed to prevent gas migration in wells. TLA™ (Trican Latex...

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Gastight Slurries

We have developed a full line of gas control cements. These cements contain unique products and chemistry to prevent...

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GlaucWash™ is an effective treatment for the removal of deposits that form in highly asphaltenic crude oils. GlaucWash...

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GNE-2™ is a non-emulsifier surfactant that, when added to a water-based fracturing fluid, will prevent emulsions...

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