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WI-1 is specifically designed for use in hydrocarbon-based stimulation fluids. WI-1 effectively reduces the wax appearance temperature (WAT) by delaying the growth stages of the wax and/or paraffin precipitation mechanism, therefore improving the rheology of crude oils and/or wax saturated stimulation fluids. By reducing the WAT, hydrocarbon-based solvent packages will be able to reach cooler temperatures after a wax and/or paraffin removal treatment, without the risk of re-precipitation, leaving a cleaner flow pattern behind.


  • Can be effective at low dosages
  • Can be squeezed directly into the formation as a standalone product
  • Can be applied in a broad range of temperatures without any adverse effect
  • Increases the effectiveness of solvent packages, eliminating the risk of wax re-precipitation
  • Can be incorporated as a pre-pad stage on fracturing jobs to be performed on waxy crude oil formations