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WCA-3™ is a selective permeability modifier designed to effectively reduce brine water flow in the formation without affecting oil or gas production. WCA-3 contains an extremely hydrophilic synthetic polymer. When pumped into a producing zone, WCA-3 adheres to the formation. Once in place, it will reduce the formation permeability to water, yet leave the permeability to hydrocarbons (oil, gas, and condensate) unchanged.

WCA-3 Advantages

  • Effectively combats high water-oil ratios, fingering, coning and early breakthrough during flooding programs
  • Reduces permeability to water without affecting permeability to hydrocarbons
  • Can be used as a standalone water treatment, or added to water-based fracturing fluids to prevent water inflow from adjacent zones
  • Provides long term protection
  • Effective over a wide temperature range 50°C–100°C (122°F-212°F)
  • Remains effective in the presence of guar polymers