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TW 615 is a concentrated blend of surfactants, dispersants, wetting agents, solvents, and emulsion breakers designed primarily for the stimulation of water injection or disposal wells. It can be used alone or after the well has been acidized. After acidizing, the continuous injection of TW 615 can be used to maintain the well and greatly reduce the frequency of subsequent stimulation treatments. TW 615 can also be used to:

  • Decrease the surface tension of water, allowing for a reduction in injection pressures,
  • Remove organic deposits
  • Break and prevent emulsions
  • Restore the formation to a highly water wet state
  • Disperse silts and fines along with other water insoluble components


  • Can remove damage deep in the formation
  • Strong surface tension reducer
  • Highly water wetting
  • Can resolve/prevent emulsion blocks
  • Helps to disperse clays and fines
  • Can dissolve/disperse some hydrocarbons solids