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TriFrac-C™ is a crosslinked polymer fluid system, with the capacity to achieve high performance results, similar to that of a conventional guar-based fluid system, while still remaining economically viable.

This alternative system uses a cellulose-based gelling agent with a unique combination of delayed and instant zirconium-based crosslinkers, engineered to ensure maximum shear stability. In laboratory testing, TriFrac-C showed regain permeability in conductivity testing equivalent to or exceeding that of borate guar-based systems.

As an additional benefit to the cost savings offered by TriFrac-C, crosslinking times can be adjusted with customized fluid designs using different combinations of instant, delayed and temperature activated crosslinkers. This allows the product to be tailor-made to each individual job for optimized viscosity.

With a proven operating range across a variety of basins, TriFrac-C offers increased flexibility to our customers to maintain their bottom line and meet production goals.

TriFrac-C Advantages

  • Viscosity performance is similar to or better than guar in freshwater applications
  • Breaker schedule can be tailored using delayed and instant crosslinkers
  • Improved regain permeability
  • Introduces no insoluble residue into the fracture, resulting in a cleaner system
  • Operates at a broad temperature range (26.6°C [80°F] – 121°C [250°F])
  • Stable cost basis results in an economical alternative to guar-based fluid systems