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Stratum RW™ is a unique guar-based fluid system that enables operators to use 100% produced or flowback water. The system is enhanced with Trican's proprietary chemistry to create a crosslinked fluid system that is highly tolerant of brine fluids. Stratum RW eliminates the need to use freshwater resources, and reduces the cost and logistics associated with treating produced or flowback water.

Stratum RW’s unique chemistry supports use in waters with boron levels up to 100 mg/l, and enables operators to use waters with total dissolved solids (TDS) levels up to 60,000 mg/l. The system operates at temperatures of up to 121°C (250°F).

Stratum RW eliminates the costs associated with upfront freshwater acquisition, and repurposes flowback and produced water into an asset that can be incorporated into fracturing fluid systems, rather than becoming a waste product in need of disposal. Additionally, the need for wastewater treatment is eliminated, providing further savings.

Stratum Advantages

  • Minimizes the use of freshwater resources
  • Reduces costs associated with acquiring freshwater and post-usage disposal
  • Tolerant of brines with maximum TDS of 60,000 mg/l and hardness lower than 2,500 mg/l
  • Can be used in untreated water with boron levels up to 100 mg/l
  • Customizable breaker schedule for optimized viscosity
  • Operates at temperatures of up to 121°C (250°F)
  • Can be used in different ratios of produced to freshwater without reformulating the fluid