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Soluble Ball Sealers are spheres larger in diameter than the perforation being treated, but smaller than the bleed-down valves at surface. Soluble Ball sealers are added to the fluid stream in the treating lines on surface. They are drawn to the perforations through which liquid is flowing, and are sucked up next to them. This effectively blocks the opening, and prevents liquid moving from the wellbore into the formation at that spot. The fluid is then forced to enter through another perforation, which will subsequently be blocked off. If enough balls are used in the treatment most of the perforations in the wellbore will be exposed to the treating fluid. The balls remain in position as long as there is sufficient flow rate available to maintain a differential pressure across the perforations. Once the pumping stops and the reservoir fluids begin to flow back, the soluble ball sealers will fall to the bottom of the well or float (depending on the displacement fluid specific gravity), and will eventually dissolve in the wellbore fluid.