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Kronos™ is a high temperature, ultra-low polymer crosslinked fluid that features customizable, rapid break times. This flexible fluid system meets two needs in one, by offering a gelled fluid capable of carrying larger proppant sizes and higher concentrations through the wellbore and perforations, as well as functioning like a slick water fluid once in the formation, assisting in generating complex fracture networks complexity.

Kronos employs a unique chemical blend that creates initially high viscosities, while still allowing for a rapid and timely break of the fluid. The fluid system starts by introducing a dominant fracture, and fluid stability is provided for the purpose of carrying increased proppant concentrations from the blender down the wellbore, past the completion tools and perforations, and into the formation. As the fluid is pumped further into the fracture, the viscosity takes on the characteristics of a slick water system, contributing to the desired fracture geometry. Our team of experts works with each customer to develop a personalized Kronos blend made specifically to break at the most appropriate time. The adaptability of Kronos, combined with its dual purpose application, allows us to provide the solution most suitable to the conditions of the customer’s well.

Kronos Advantages

  • Successful placement of high concentrations of larger proppants
  • Retains conductivity
  • Cost effective
  • Customizable break times, made specifically to break at the most appropriate time
  • Reduced fluid usage
  • Reduced fluid transportation and disposal costs