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Trican’s FracClean™ is an effective, surfactant-based fracturing fluid system that leaves little to no residue behind. At low loadings, FracClean produces a high quality foamed fluid with excellent stability, suitable for foamed fracturing. At higher concentrations, the FracClean system creates a high viscosity visco-elastic gel suitable for water gel fracturing. 


  • Unlike conventional polymer-based fluids, leaves little or no residue in the formation.
  • Low chemical loadings/economical (0.5 – 1.0%)
  • Compatible with up to 15% methanol
  • Can be used with or without KCl
  • High temperature stability (up to 80°C [176°F])
  • Compatible with both N2 and CO2
  • Operationally simple: two components are added on the fly
  • Progressive breaks in dry gas wells when FCB-1 is used

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