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Trican’s Emulsified CO2 (ECO2) and Enhanced Emulsified CO2 (EECO2) are fracturing fluid systems comprised of predominantly liquid carbon dioxide. These high carbon dioxide fracturing fluids minimize the amount of water placed into a formation, maintaining high gas saturation in the leakoff area. ECO2 and EECO2 have a proven track record for being non-damaging, while enabling rapid cleanup in water sensitive and low pressure formations.


The ECO2 system is run at CO2 concentrations of 50% - 80%, creating the ability to tailor fluid viscosity to meet specific needs. ECO2 can also be run with up to 40% methanol in the water phase, further reducing water usage during treatment and mitigating concerns of freezing on flowback. Additionally, ECO2 can be used to run a binary fracturing fluid, combining CO2 and N2 as the energized phase.


EECO2 provides additional fracturing fluid customization, allowing viscosity and thermal stability to be increased as needed with the addition of a zirconium crosslinker to the gel.

ECO2 and EECO2 Advantages

  • Higher proppant concentrations compared to a foam system
  • Hydrostatic gradient of liquid CO2 lowers treating pressure
  • Clean polymer, easily degradable with enzymes or oxidizers
  • Rapid cleanup
  • Minimizes water placed into the formation
  • Provides liquid lift in low pressure reservoirs
  • Maintains high gas saturation in leak-off area
  • Can be used with low polymer concentrations