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In response to the goal of protecting our ground water, we have developed the EcoClean® line of products intended to reduce the impact of operations on the environment.

EcoClean-LW™ is a linear water frac fluid designed to eliminate contamination risks to geological formations, aquifers and product handlers. The EcoClean-LW system includes additives that are non-toxic, bio-degradable or non-bioaccumulating, individually or in combination, and each will pass the stringent Microtox® test. A product or chemical that passes the Microtox® test is considered safe for drinking water, and will often meet the criteria set out in other regulatory examinations.

EcoClean-LW Advantages

  • EcoClean-LW can be used in applications such as linear gel, high viscosity N2 Foam, Emulsified CO2, NitroJet™ or N2 Sand Scours
  • EcoClean-LW is environmentally friendly and passes the Microtox® test for drinking water quality
  • Made with non-damaging, low-residue polymer
  • Progressive clean breaks with GBE-1:5 enzyme breaker
  • All additives are non-toxic, biodegradable and non-bioaccumulating

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