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EcoClean-GSW™ is a high performance slick water fracturing fluid designed to eliminate contamination risks to geological formations, aquifers and product handlers. The EcoClean-GSW system includes additives that are non-toxic, bio-degradable or non-bioaccumulating, individually or in combination, and each will pass the stringent Microtox® test. A product or chemical that passes the Microtox® test is considered safe for drinking water, and will often meet the criteria set out in other regulatory examinations.

EcoClean-GSW™ Additives

GNE-1™ – Green Non-Emulsifier 1

GNE-1™ is a non-emulsifier surfactant that, when added to a water-based fracturing fluid, will prevent emulsions from forming when the injected water contacts any in-situ oil or condensate. Additionally, GNE-1 exhibits non-emulsification tendencies in hydrocarbon based gels, enabling it to dramatically lower the surface tension of the water, aid in the water wetting of the formations, and allow for more efficient unloading of the well. GNE-1 is comprised of 100% non-toxic ingredients and passes the Microtox® test with a very high threshold.

GFR-1™ – Green Friction Reducer

GFR-1™ is an environmentally friendly, salt tolerant friction reducer designed to rapidly improve fluid flow in slick water fracturing. GFR-1 is suspended in water, making it oil and surfactant-free and more environmentally responsible. A reduction in friction pressure also leads to a reduction in the amount of horsepower (energy) required to successfully pump the fluid, which reduces costs and facilitates achieving maximum pump rate.

GSI-1™ – Green Scale Inhibitor

GSI-1™ is a broad spectrum scale inhibitor that is very effective in preventing carbonate and sulfate scale precipitation in fracturing systems. Scale inhibitors are necessary due to the increased use of produced and recycled water as fracturing fluids. In addition to scale issues caused by most produced water, co-mingling of incompatible waters can quickly result in scale precipitation. GSI-1 is designed for continuous injection during normal operations and is non-bioaccumulating, biodegradable, and compatible with most other additives.

GCS-1™ – Green Clay Stabilizer

This clay control additive is chloride free, and highly effective in preventing clay swelling and clay migration. A much greener alternative to clay control products currently used in the industry, GCS-1™ is compatible with all gels, crosslinkers and breaker systems typically utilized in fracturing fluid systems.

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