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Our acid soluble slurries are unique cement blends designed to facilitate fracture initiation, while maintaining the required compressive strengths and zonal isolation. These blends dissolve in acid, making them excellent production slurries for cementing horizontal wells for unconventional resources by removing the cement around the perforation clusters, simulating uncemented sections of the wellbore.

Our acid soluble slurries are acidized at each fracture interval, dissolving the cement and re-opening the annular space. This allows a more direct path for the fracturing treatment to the formation, reducing fracture initiation pressure and horsepower requirements. The dissolved openings end a small distance above and below the fracture treatment, ensuring excellent isolation between intervals.

These products offer reduced slurry density, low-viscosity, and compressive strength that meets regulatory requirements. A blend is also available for high temperature applications >110°C (230°F).


  • Reduced tortuous channels for better access to the formation
  • Cost effective – reduces the required fracturing horsepower
  • Reduced fracture initiation problems
  • Reliable and consistent slurry performance
  • Reduced slurry viscosity
  • Wide temperature range
  • Permanent reservoir isolation
  • Mixed and pumped by conventional methods