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November 22, 2013

Trican’s MVP Frac™ (Maximum Volume Placement) has helped 10 North American customers achieve greater proppant placement in their slick water fracture treatments this year. Representing more than 1600 stages over 108 wellbores, MVP Frac has proven effective in creating a more conductive pathway from the reservoir into the wellbore by distributing the proppant more evenly and deeper into the fracture network.

The MVP Frac process consists of a two-component system that first volumizes the proppant pack that is close to the wellbore, then “energizes” the proppant by attaching a thin layer of nitrogen to transport it farther into the formation. Both components help to dramatically reduce the settling of proppant that occurs during slick water fracture treatments, without affecting the viscosity of the fluid. MVP Frac also enables the customer to reduce the volume of water required to pump the treatment due to the higher sand concentrations made possible by the enhanced distribution.

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