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May 24, 2017

Trican Geological Solutions is proud to announce the availability of a new, affordable, regional geological chemostrat-hardness-brittleness study of the Montney Formation in Alberta. Our new proprietary Data Viewer seamlessly facilitates and enhances visualizing and understanding the suite of data, however, the data set can also be viewed with other commonly-available software (Excel, Spotfire, etc).

The study is based on 23 cores from across the Alberta Montney fairway with over 1,400 m core gamma, 15-30 cm resolution geochemistry (36 elements between Na-U) and 1 cm resolution hardness profiles. The Data Viewer includes core gamma, XRF, hardness, XRD, TOC, brittleness and mineral model data. It allows dynamic core photo analysis and identifies data, sample points, sedimentary features and lithological boundaries.

The comprehensive geochemical dataset of the Alberta Montney:

  • identifies three main chemostrat units (CS1-CS3) in the Montney Formation
  • provides the basis for basin-scale chemo-stratigraphic correlations
  • allows clients to place their own wells into a comprehensive basin-wide framework and tie completion and production information to geochemical, mineralogical, TOC and mechanical properties

For more details or a study presentation, please contact Mike Cook ([email protected]) 403-618-9451 or Brent Nassichuk ([email protected]).

View our brochure:
Chemostratigraphy & Rock Properties of the Alberta Montney Formation