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February 23, 2015

Trican marks 10 years of operations in Kazakhstan this month. Characterized by technical achievements, exemplary customer service and an impressive safety record, Trican’s employees in Kazakhstan have a lot to be proud of. On the side of technology, Trican Kazakhstan has proven to be a leader in the service industry by playing a major role in the development of a unique tight gas shale formation in the Amangeldy field in the Zhambyl region, performing 24 large-scale well stimulation jobs. Trican broke a local record by successfully pumping 170 tons of proppant into the formation, and increasing production by five times with our technology. As for customer service, Trican still works with many of the major producers we started with ten years ago. Where safety is concerned, Trican emphasizes safety in everything we do, and our Kazakhstan team has achieved Target Zero with 17 months and counting without a recordable incident. Trican operates from bases in Aktau and Kyzylorda. Congratulations to our Trican men and women in Kazakhstan.