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August 25, 2015

A major international producer working in the North Sea required a completion sliding sleeve that would be deployed in the open position, allowing fluid flow up the casing, but after installation, could be closed to create a gastight barrier. Allowing the wellbore fluid to flow up the casing during running would improve tripping speed and reduce operational risks, however, this valve configuration had not been designed, nor had it been qualified to such a rigorous standard.

The customer needed the sleeve to be a qualified pressure barrier with a gastight rating, which would allow them to consider the sleeve as part of one of the two well integrity barriers, and the requirement was to certify this sleeve to the ISO 14998 standard. 

In response to the challenge, Trican Completion Solutions designed the i-Valve 700, a multi-purpose completion sliding sleeve that is run as part of 7” tubing or liner. The i-Valve 700 was run in the open position below the intermediate production packer. After the packer was set, the valve was mechanically closed by retrieving the drill pipe string used to deploy the production packer, providing the gastight pressure barrier required for subsequent well operations.

Qualification of the i-Valve 700 under the ISO standard required validation of the entire performance envelope of the tool. This meant subjecting the valve to various opening and closing cycles at full operating pressure, as well as temperature cycling under pressure with gas. Despite this rigorous testing program, the design, manufacture and prototype testing were all completed according to the ISO standard and accepted by the customer – within three months. The operator achieved significant cost savings on well operations and time efficiencies because of the i-valve 700. 

Trican Completion Solutions offers a complete portfolio of multistage fracturing (MSF) systems for both openhole and cemented installations.