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October 11, 2011

LLC Trican Well Service received positive acknowledgement of its solutions-based operations and customer service by obtaining the “TNK-BP Permanent Partner” award.

The “Permanent Partner” status recognizes a relationship between TNK-BP and its contractors that is based on open communication, transparency, and a comfortable business environment. A company may earn this status based on at least three years of positive cooperation with TNK-BP, providing the company executes all obligations assumed under the agreement.

The “Permanent Partner” status affords Trican certain reputational and business advantages, but also implies certain obligations and responsibilities. TNK-BP permanent partner is expected to have sound development strategies and financial stability.

Since earning this status is not a simple task, the company considers the “Permanent Partner” status an acknowledgement of our achievements and effectiveness, also reasons that have made us one of the leading pressure pumping companies in Russia.