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May 21, 2013

Trican and Emerald Surf Sciences, our partner in water management services, have discovered the solution to reducing fresh water requirements during the hydraulic fracturing process. TriFrac-MLT™ is a patent-pending fluid system that utilizes 100% recycled water, yet works with common fracturing fluid additives. This crosslinked gelled water system is extremely tolerant of high salt content and other contaminants, allowing for the reuse of untreated oilfield produced water, and water that is flowed back with oil and/or gas from a well.

In alignment with Trican’s core values, TriFrac-MLT enables the hydraulic fracturing industry to minimize the impact of its operations on the environment by limiting its use of fresh water, and reducing the infrastructure onsite. This innovative fluid system uses a conventional fracturing fleet, without the need of additional water treatment equipment on location. By reusing resources already available to operators and repurposing a waste product into an asset, TriFrac-MLT also reduces costs associated with acquiring fresh water, and disposing of produced or flowback waters.

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