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May 16, 2017

CleanTRACK™, Trican Well Service’s long-term road dust suppression technology is now approved to be applied on public roads across the province. Alberta Transportation has confirmed Trican Well Service’s innovative new technology is ready to be used by the consulting and contracting industries in Alberta.

“Trican has taken our enhanced proppant chemistry research in a whole new direction. Our oilfield dust suppression technology has benefits across the province, in applications in the energy industry and beyond.” says Natasha Kostenuk, Manager, Technology Commercialization.

CleanTRACK™ uses a proprietary, non-toxic chemical formulation that, when applied to gravel or soil surfaces, leaves a thin film on the minerals. This coating creates an intergranular attraction between fines, which not only prevents them from becoming airborne but will also compact the road to create a more durable and stable surface. The water repellent nature of this product creates a long-lasting coating that promotes water drainage and minimizes water-related damage such as seasonal frost heaving, road depression and ruts.

“Jobsite and road dust generated by traffic through unpaved areas can lead to an unhealthy environment for workers and neighbouring local communities,” says Natasha. “With CleanTRACK™, Albertans have a better, longer lasting solution.”

The CleanTRACK™ coating makes a significant impact on reducing dust generated by traffic through unpaved areas that can limit visibility and decrease the life of filters and sensitive electronics. The product is odourless, colourless, passes the stringent Microtox® test, and has undergone environmental testing with positive results.

About CleanTRACK™:

Our dust suppression technology must be seen to be believed. See Trican’s CleanTRACK™ YouTube channel (