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What is Industrial Services?

Industrial services provide solutions for refining, petrochemical, power generation, and gas processing facilities. With a wide range of maintenance, inspection, cleaning, and support services available, these facilities are able to ensure safe, effective operations. 

Chemical Cleaning

With a highly-skilled and experienced team, we offer fit-for-purpose, safe and cost-effective chemical cleaning solutions.

Acid & Caustic Blends

Our acid and caustic treatments use fit-for-purpose blends circulated through your system to clean and remove...

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Foam Cleaning

Foam cleaning gives you the results of a comprehensive chemical clean, without a chemical unit onsite. Used for...

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2D/3D Nozzles

Using high-powered, innovative jet nozzle technology, our rotary tank cleaning machines combine pressure and flow to...

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We provide portable liquid filtration to a 5 micron particle size. This can be used to recover water from...

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Lube Oil Flushing

Using high velocity circulation, we remove unwanted contaminants from lube and hydraulic system piping. This...

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Vapour Phase

Our vapour phase cleaning services can be used to remove difficult deposits and debris in tanks, pipelines and...

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Surface Passivation

Passivation of steels is a post fabrication process with the end goal of making surfaces more passive and corrosion...

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In-Situ Exchanger Cleaning

Our in-situ exchanger cleaning services connect to your heat exchanger using hoses or a combination of hoses and...

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Industrial Services Inquiries

Need more information about industrial services? We're at your service.

Mechanical Cleaning

Through exclusive relationships with Conco Systems and National Heat Exchange Corp., we offer cutting-edge products and services for the inspection and cleaning of condensers and heat exchangers with the ability to restore between 92% and 98% heat transfer efficiency.


Using the Conco ProSeries™ Tube Cleaning System, we provide effective cleaning to heat exchanger tubes. This durable...

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Hydro Drilling

Through an exclusive relationship with Conco Systems, we offer a safe and effective solution to tube wall cleaning...

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Bundle Cleaning

Through an exclusive relationship with National Exchange Corp., we provide an effective method of heat exchanger cleaning with a significantly reduced impact on the environment. Using the patented Mobile Bundle Cleaner (MBC), we remove fouling to the core of the exchanger, restoring heat transfer to near design specification.

Exchanger Cleaning

Our exchanger cleaning services help achieve safe and effective heat exchanger cleaning with a reduced environmental...

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Nitrogen Services

As a non-reactive gas, nitrogen can be used in a variety of ways to support industrial facilities. With a full fleet of advanced equipment and an experienced team, we provide reliable, fit-for-purpose nitrogen solutions.

Accelerated Cooling

The cool-down time needed for facilities requiring shut-down for maintenance can be lengthy. Our nitrogen...

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Blanketing uses nitrogen to fill the space in storage tanks containing flammable liquids or solids. By replacing the...

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Catalyst Handling Support

Perform critical catalyst management safely and effectively 

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Displacement involves moving gases or liquids to make it safe to work in a particular section of a ...

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Hot Stripping/Heating

Effectively warm-up reactors, furnaces and turbines

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Nitrogen inerting is a technique that provides a safe working environment for carrying out hot work maintenance in...

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Helium Leak Testing

Leak detection both onshore and offshore can cost time and money, and create significant safety hazards including...

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Pneumatic Testing

Testing a facility’s mechanical integrity prior to use is fundamental to maintaining safe and effective operations....

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Purging involves moving or diluting gases or liquids until it becomes safe to work in that section of the facility...

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Freeze Plugs

Pipelines and operational facilties often require work to be done on active lines. Freeze plugs provide the ability...

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