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What is Geological Solutions?

Knowledge is power when it comes to unlocking the true potential of a resource play. The key is in the rocks. Your reservoir holds valuable information, from how resources are stored to how the formation will respond to stimulation. Getting the most from your well starts with understanding the geology.

Lab Services

We integrate geological, geochemical and geomechanical testing to provide you with a better understanding of your formation. Our geological core and cuttings labs use advanced analyses and imaging techniques to measure and observe key rock properties critical for resource calculations, reservoir modeling and completions design.

Rock Mechanics

Reservoir access is essential to the exploitation of unconventional oil and gas, and rock mechanics play a...

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Core Analysis

Core data gives you an accurate understanding of the unique characteristics of your reservoir. But we know that...

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Understanding the geochemical composition of your formation allows you to make strategic drilling and stimulation...

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High Resolution Imaging

Knowing the stratigraphy, mineralogical composition and diagenetic history of your reservoir can help you achieve...

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Geological Solutions Inquiries

Need more information about geological solutions? We're at your service.

Field Services

Robust geological testing starts with the data collection in the field. Our experienced geologists provide skilled handling and preservation from the time the core gets to surface, ensuring the highest quality samples are collected.

On-Site Core Analysis

Accurately determining in-situ rock properties is essential to achieving production goals. Often, on-site sampling...

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Horizontal Cuttings Profiling

Our geological labs have significant experience when it comes to horizontal cuttings profiling, a cost-effective...

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Preservation & Core Handling

Properly preserved core samples are essential for critical in-situ rock properties such as saturations, wettability...

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Education & Studies

We believe that sharing knowledge is a fundamental part of achieving success and creating an industry of innovation. That’s why we provide comprehensive geological studies, and unconventional reservoir evaluation short courses, seminars and core workshops, designed with learning in mind.

Short Courses, Seminars & Core Workshops

We believe that sharing knowledge is a fundamental part of achieving success and creating an innovative oil and gas...

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Our geological studies focus on regional delineation and light hydrocarbon potential in oil and gas formations such...

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Reservoir Solutions

The more you know, the more you can get from your well. We use analytical and numerical tools to link geology and reservoir engineering, giving you a broader perspective of your reservoir.

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