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With a secure supply of high-quality natural sands, resin coated and ceramic proppants, we’re able to design and deliver fracture treatments using the right proppant for your specific well. 


We offer high-quality, natural sand as a relatively easy-to-obtain and cost-effective proppant solution.


It’s important for proppant to stay in place, not flow back to the wellbore. Proppant flowback can lead to reduced...

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Dust control on well completions locations has been traditionally mitigated with PPE such as personal respirators...

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Resin Coated Sand (RCS)

Compared with fully natural options, RCS offers increased strength, proppant flowback control and a more consistently rounded shape for enhanced conductivity in your fracture treatment.


Engineered for high conductivity under greater fracture closure pressures, ceramic proppants are uniform in size and shape for superior results.