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What is Fracturing?
Many formations are too tight to produce oil and natural gas, and require a stimulation process to extract the resources. In hydraulic fracturing, fluids carrying proppant are pumped into the ground with enough pressure to crack the rock. The proppant is left behind to hold open the cracks, while the fluid is flowed back allowing oil and gas the ability to flow to surface.


Our global leadership in fracturing services stems from the innovation we dedicate to our product and technology development, and the expertise we apply to the delivery of our services in the office and in the field. We make sure you have the fracturing solutions you need to get the most from your well safely and efficiently.

Horizontal Well Fracturing

Horizontal wellbores make greater well lengths possible, increasing exposure of the reservoir to your well, as well...

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Coiled Tubing Fracturing

Coiled tubing fracturing gives you the ability to selectively fracture multiple zones with pinpoint accuracy and...

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Limited Entry Fracturing

Limited entry fracturing allows for strategic perforation or port sizing to stimulate several intervals...

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Acid Fracturing

In acid fracturing, acid-based solutions are injected into formations to etch pathways for oil and gas to flow....

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Slick Water Fracturing

In tight rock, the more complex your fracture network, the more you can get from your reservoir. Slick water...

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Foam Fracturing

Preserve the quality of your reservoir in water sensitive and low pressure formations. Foamed CO2 and N...

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Crosslinked Water Fracturing

Create long, large fractures with high viscosity fluids. Our crosslinked treatments use controlled viscosity for...

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Hydrocarbon Fracturing

Our hydrocarbon fracturing fluids are some of the least damaging for your formation, and can be tailored to your...

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With a secure supply of high-quality natural sands, resin coated and ceramic proppants, we’re able to design and...

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Logistical Solutions

Successful fracture treatments require effective, efficient and safe operations, and we know the key role thorough...

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Fracture Design

We put our extensive industry experience and integrated services to work for you, so you get the most from your well...

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Laboratory Solutions

We recognize the key role innovation plays in your success. We’re dedicated to finding greener products and...

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FracNET Remote Monitoring


Developed by leading pressure pumper, Trican Well Service, the FracNet™...

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Refracturing provides the ability to economically optimize production without drilling new wells. Achieving success...

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Fracturing Inquiries

Need more information about fracturing? We're at your service.


We have a large fleet of fit-for-purpose fracturing equipment made for operations worldwide. The equipment uses the latest in electronic, motor and pump technology for reliable, effective and efficient treatments.

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