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Our trailer mounted coiled tubing (CT) system can be used for all conventional CT interventions including milling, cleanouts, stimulation, CT fracturing, e-line and fluid displacements.  The truck mounted wet kit provides hydraulic power for all CT unit hydraulic systems. The CT unit design allows for quick rig-ups as the CT is stabbed into the injector during transportation. CT sizes vary from 31.8 mm (1¼ in.) to 88.9 mm (3½ in.).  All units are equipped with Cerberus™ data acquisition to record and display critical job parameters and monitor CT fatigue in real-time. 


  • CT injector with up to 44,500 daN (100,000 lb) pulling capacity and 48 m/min (160 ft/min) running speed
  • Removable reels capable of accommodating tubing sizes ranging from 31.8 mm (1.25 in.) to 82.6 mm (3-1/4 in.) 
  • Up to 103 MPa (15,000 psi) high pressure reel and well control equipment with N2 backup
  • State-of-the-art data acquisition and real-time fatigue monitoring software 
  • Digital and analog display of data acquisition outputs in the operator cabin
  • Climate controlled, enclosed operator cabin


Cartridge Reel Trailer

Weight and reel capacity limitations dictate the length and weight of CT capable of being carried directly on the CT unit. When these limits are exceeded, the larger strings are spooled onto cartridge reels and transported to location on a separate trailer.

Cartridge Reel Trailer Capacity

  • 50.8 mm (2 in.) – 9,000 m (29,520 ft)
  • 60.3 mm (2.38 in.) – 7,000 m (22,960 ft)
  • 73 mm (2.87 in.) – 5,000 m (16,400 ft)