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The coiled tubing (CT) injector is designed to move CT pipe safely in and out of the wellbore. It is capable of withstanding severe climatic conditions and of running CT sizes from 31.8 to 88.9 mm (1¼ to 3½ in.). The injector is controlled remotely from the operator control cab and is mechanically connected to the wellhead through the pressure control equipment (lubricator, stripper and BOPs). The arch guide (gooseneck) is mounted on top of the injector and guides the CT pipe into the gripping system.


  • Dual variable displacement piston hydraulic drive motors
  • The outer injector frame is designed to support the total load of the inner frame (up to 52,163 kg [115,000 lb]) load capacity
  • The injector is stowed in a hydraulic lift cradle for safe and quick rig-up
  • Quick connect gripper block system 
  • Injector weight 5,579 kg (12,300 lb)
  • The maximum system hydraulic pressure is 5,000 psi (345 bar)
  • The injector has an electronic load cell with a 68,038 kg (150,000 lb [66,750 daN]) load capacity, with a mounted encoder to provide rate and depth data that is digitally displayed and recorded with the data acquisition system


  • 45,359 kg (100,000 lb [44,500 daN]) pull capacity
  • 18,143 kg (40,000 lb [17,800 daN]) of snubbing capacity
  • CT pipe running speed is 48 m/min (160 ft /min)