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Surface casing plays an essential role in aquifer protection and well control. This steel pipe casing is positioned inside a drilled wellbore and cemented in place from the bottom to the surface to provide:

  • Aquifer protection and isolation
  • Anchor for blow out preventer (BOP) and other well control equipment
  • Structural integrity to support the remaining casings required
  • Lost circulation prevention

We offer a wide range of cementing solutions, including standard and speciality slurries specifically designed for effective surface casing cementing.

Conventional Surface Slurries

We provide a full range of conventional density slurries. These slurries are compatible with all additives and are...

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Surface Casing Low Density Slurries

Our surface casing low density slurries are light weight, high yielding systems that provide equivalent and enhanced...

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Surface Casing Permafrost Slurries

Special cement designs are required when cementing wells that are drilled through permafrost formations. All cement...

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Quick-Set Slurries

Our quick-setting cement blends have a slurry transition time of about two minutes (liquid to solid) and are ideal for...

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High Temperature Slurries

We have developed a full line of high temperature, stable cement blends that meet or exceed all requirements when...

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