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Intermediate casing involves installing steel pipe inside a drilled well after the surface casing is cemented in place. This procedure provides isolation among formations with high differential pressures for greater wellbore stability. We offer a wide range of cementing solutions, including standard and speciality slurries, specifically designed for intermediate casing. 

Low Density Slurries

We have developed a full line of cost-effective, high yielding low density slurries that meet or exceed all regulatory...

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Ultra-Low Density Slurries

Our ultra-low density cement slurries are designed to minimize breakdown in weak formations by reducing hydrostatic...

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High Density Slurries

Our high density slurries are run in situations where kickoff plugs are required for deviated wells, and for wellbores...

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Intermediate & Production Permafrost Slurries

Special cement designs are required when cementing wells that are drilled through permafrost formations. All cement...

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High Temperature Slurries

We have developed a full line of high temperature, stable cement blends that meet or exceed all requirements when...

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Conventional Density Slurries

We provide a full range of conventional density slurries. These slurries are compatible with all additives and are...

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