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Increasingly common, E&P operators are transitioning from drilling vertical wells to drilling a majority of horizontal/directional wells in order to reach more of the reservoir. This transition has greatly affected the technologies required. Our team has developed innovative techniques and equipment, as well as specialty slurries and additives, to ensure that zonal isolation and well bore integrity are achieved in horizontal wellbores.

Low Density Slurries

We have developed a full line of cost-effective, high yielding low density slurries that meet or exceed all regulatory...

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Ultra-Low Density Slurries

Our ultra-low density cement slurries are designed to minimize breakdown in weak formations by reducing hydrostatic...

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High Density Slurries

Our high density slurries are run in situations where kickoff plugs are required for deviated wells, and for wellbores...

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High Temperature Slurries

We have developed a full line of high temperature, stable cement blends that meet or exceed all requirements when...

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Acid Soluble Slurries

Our acid soluble slurries are unique cement blends designed to facilitate fracture initiation, while maintaining the...

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Conventional Density Slurries

We provide a full range of conventional density slurries. These slurries are compatible with all additives and are...

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Throughout the life of a well, the set annular cement will undergo a multitude of stress cycles such as pressure...

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