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Gas migration and surface casing vent flows can be quite common in many oil and gas wells around the world. Our technical team has developed innovative techniques and equipment, as well as speciality slurries and additives, to control and eliminate the flow of gas during and after a cement treatment. 

Gastight Slurries

We have developed a full line of gas control cements. These cements contain unique products and chemistry to prevent...

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Throughout the life of a well, the set annular cement will undergo a multitude of stress cycles such as pressure...

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Gas Migration Prevention Additives

We have developed a range of additives specifically designed to prevent gas migration in wells. TLA™ (Trican Latex...

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Our patented cement pulsation process is specifically designed to address casing vent flows and gas migration. Cement...

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Thixotropic Slurries

We have developed a full line of thixotropic cement blends used to control gas migration and lost circulation, and...

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