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Our cementing experts use advanced simulation software and reliable technical design to create effective solutions.

Simulation Software

We use advanced simulation software to model and predict optimized centralizer design and placement, cement slurry placement, wellbore properties and temperature changes, and cement sheath integrity.

Technical Design

Using Trican-developed software, our engineers prepare all cement programs and cost estimates provided to our customers. These cement programs cover all information required to ensure effective coverage, bonding and strength, including:

  • Well details and tubulars
  • Slurry design and parameters
  • Pumping schedules and procedures

Casing Centralizer Design

Our centralizer design software optimizes casing centralization by simulating primary cementing jobs, including:...

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Cement Sheath Integrity Modeling

Cement sheath integrity is a critical element to maintain over the life of a well to prevent/minimize Sustained Casing...

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Cement Job Simulation

Our design simulator models the predicted pressures and flow regimes at various points in a well. The software closely...

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Throughout the life of a well, the set annular cement will undergo a multitude of stress cycles such as pressure...

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