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Wax is a common organic scale in producing wells that can lead to restricted flow and decreased production. A build up of wax can be removed mechanically using progressive pigging programs, but these methods only treat the wax problem in the pipe. Production can still be impaired from wax buildup in the formation. Chemical wax removal offers the ability to remove wax buildup from the perforation tunnels and into the formation. Our chemical wax removal solutions are tailored to meet your specific issues, so you get the remediation you need to keep producing. 


An effective solvent for organic scales with high asphaltene content, but is also effective for waxy deposits.

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Designed to remove organic deposits in the wellbore and rock matrix, and features a blend of solvents, demulsifying and...

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This blend is not only an effective solvent, but also has the ability to disperse high melting point and low solubility...

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GlaucWash™ is an effective treatment for the removal of deposits that form in highly asphaltenic crude oils. GlaucWash...

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WI-1 is specifically designed for use in hydrocarbon-based stimulation fluids. WI-1 effectively reduces the wax...

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Trilene is a highly specialized blend of aromatics and aliphatic solvents specially designed to remove wax and...

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