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Conventional acid treatments tend to follow the path of least resistance, leaving much of the formation un-stimulated. For acidizing treatments to be most effective, they must be distributed evenly over the perforated interval. We have developed a wide  range of chemical diversion methods for both cased and open hole scenarios to enable an even distribution of fluids across the treatment interval. This means you get effective stimulation for maximized production.


WG-8 is a very fine, free flowing Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC). When added to water as a viscosifying agent, WG-8 will...

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Soluble Ball Sealers

Soluble Ball Sealers are spheres larger in diameter than the perforation being treated, but smaller than the bleed-down...

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TriVert OSR™

TriVert OSR™ (Oil Soluble Resin) is a system of high molecular weight aliphatic hydrocarbon resins that is used as a...

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